2018 Asilomar Conference Housing

Conference Hotel Registration

You are strongly encouraged to stay at the Asilomar conference hotel. You will have a unique experience at a discounted rate that also includes all of your meals (with vegetarian options) for all of your days at the conference. Please note that we are subsidizing the hotel rates to provide full meals. Furthermore, you will be provided with free Wi-Fi access in every room.

Reduced conference rates: The Asilomar conference price is reduced for the 3 confernce related nights. However, there is no price reduction for nights outside the conference block.

Stay with a guest, including a reduced rate for young guests (3-12): When booking two people per room, you can select to stay with another attendee or with a guest who will not attend the conference.

Stay longer: You can select to stay extra days before and after the conference.

Restrictions: Please note that one-night stay on monday night is not available.

General hotel information.