2001 Conference - Technical Conference Information

Please, note that further information will be posted when it becomes available.

  1. 2001 Plenary Speaker: Dr. Delores Etter, ONR Distinguished Chair in Science and Technology Electrical Engineering Department United States Naval Academy Annapolis, MD, and Former Deputy Under Secretary of Defensefor Science and Technology.
    Plenary Speech: A Vision of the Future - Smaller and Smarter Systems (abstract)

  2. Papers presentation format

  3. Technical Program (pdf format) 

  4. Overall program schedule information (.pdf format).  

  5. Acknowledgement letters: Letters indicating the selection status of each submission will be mailed by end of August 2001 to the POC for each submission only. Please check with him/her before contacting the Conference committee. If no such correspondence is received by the POC by mid September, please contact the registrar: Ms. Sue Netzorg, 831.656.2082, snetzorg@nps.navy.mil, to get a duplicate.

  6. Author's kit forms and information
    Please, note: This year, authors are required to bring 2 originals of their paper(s) to insure publication of their paper(s) in the Conference proceedings. Thank you for your cooperation.
  7. Special audiovisual requests (deadline 10/10/01). We cannot guarantee that equipment requested after this date will be available at the Conference Center. Requests received past this date will be honored on equipment availability basi

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