2003 Conference - Technical Conference Information

Please, note that further information will be posted as it becomes available.

  1. 2003 Plenary Speaker:  Dr. J. McWhirter, QinetiQ,Ltd, Malvern, England,  "Developments in Sensor Array Signal Processing"
    Presentation slides and notes

  2. Papers presentation format

  3. Technical Program (.pdf format):  2-page single sided format; 2-page double sided format (designed for printing on a duplexing printer, you can fold the pages into a booklet. Thecover is not  included in this one)


  4. Overall program schedule information 

  5. Acknowledgement letters: e-mails notifications indicating the selection status of each submission were e-mailed on 8/20/03 to each author(s) e-mail addresses included in their submissions. Please note that no notifications are to be sent by regular mail this year. 

    If you submitted a paper and have not received a notification, please first check with the paper main POC. You may also check the Advance Program now available (Program, Author List). Should you need a personal notification mailed to you, a duplicate will be sent by sending a request to the Conference Registrar, Ms. Sue Netzorg (e-mail snetzorg@nps.navy.mil). Please, include the paper number, author(s), and title in your correspondence. 


  6. Special audiovisual requests (deadline October 10). We cannot guarantee that equipment requested after this date will be available at the Conference Center. Note that there is NO current plan to have computer projectors or laptops available. Requests received past this date will be honored on equipment availability basis

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