2013 Conference - Technical Conference Information

Information will be posted as it becomes available


  1. Papers presentation format information
  2. Audiovisual Equipment requests (deadline Oct. 10). Please make sure to specify the paper number with your request to insure equipment is available as requested.
    • What is readily available?  --> Computer projectors with a cable to connect to the VGA (HD-D-Sub 15) connector available on most computers and laptops.   The computer projector model No. is DELL 4100MP.  Presenters will need to bring their own laptops and should insure that their settings are compatible with the computer projectors. If needed, presenters also need to bring adapters to interface with the VGA cable we provide.  We do NOT have laptops or other cables available.
    • What needs to be requested in advance? --> overhead transparencies projectors, VCR/slide projectors, computer speakers. If you plan to use such equipment, please send an e-mail request to Prof. Monique P. Fargues at fargues at asilomarssc dot org . You must specify the paper mnemonic (i.e., MP4a-8, TP6-2, etc...) to insure the request will be filled. Requests must be received no later than October 10th,  in order to be honored.  Computer speakers will be checked out from the registration desk at the conference on the morning or afternoon of the day when needed. Official I.D. (such as driving license or passport will be held at registration until speakers are returned to the registration desk).  Overhead transparency projectors will be available in the meeting room indicated in request.
  3. Acknowledgement letters: e-mails notifications indicating the selection status of each submission are scheduled to be e-mailed NLT early July,  to each author(s) e-mail addresses included in their submissions. No notifications are sent by regular mail. 
    • If you submitted a paper and have not received a notification, please first check with the paper main POC. You may also check the Advance Program Author List at the back of the program for the status of the paper when it becomes available.
    • Should you need a personal notification mailed to you, a duplicate will be sent by sending a request to the Conference Registrar, Ms. Sue Netzorg (ph: (831) 373-8082; cell:(831) 915-4691; sscasilomar@comcast.net ). Please, include the paper number, author(s), and title in your correspondence. 
  4. Invitation Letters: See details here.

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